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About us

STREET was originally established over 18 years ago when a young woman was travelling through Europe.


Whilst sitting at a café in London and watching the interesting people walk past her, with such originality on THEIR STREET. It was set, that one day this woman would start up a communications company and it would be called STREET.


The business name would encompass exactly what the service was all about: Unique, creative & smart marketing all wrapped up with exceptional customer service. Precisely what you would expect

on the STREET.


At STREET you have the advantage of working with a Marketing Consultant on a one on one basis who has over 18 years worth of credible experience. You will notice the difference.

I have worked in a range of different cities for a significant period of time including; 

Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide

Brisbane and London.

I have a wealth of industry experience working for leading organisations in Seniors Roles.

This includes;

Marketforce Advertising,

Programmed Group,

Rehame Media, Media Stable  &

Precise Media London.


This experience has allowed me to refine my skills and now deliver an exceptional marketing service to

my clients through STREET.

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